Rabtrolley MINI Basic


Shopping trolley  MINI Basic 80 l.: “Little Genius”.

The trolley made entirely of plastic as a single unit is characterized by an exceptional Italian design. It was created to became an intelligent alternative for a simple shopping basket with load capacity of 80 l. (40 kg of useful load). It is equipped with a shelf for bottles and thank to that the entire capacity of basket remains at the client’s disposal allowing to fill its inside with bigger quantity of goods.

MINI Basic surprises for its maneuverability and nesting (only 11 cm) which make it particularly suitable for small shops surfaces. It is recommended also to place them in hypermarkets as smart alternative for  the baskets with handle.

MINI Basic version is made with plastics in four standard colors: orange, red, green and blue.

Other colors are available on special requests of appropriate quantities.

The standard wheels have diameter of 75 mm with galvanized steel structure and as an option there are available wheels of Ø 100 mm or Ø 125 mm for the travellator.

The shopping trolley MINI can be personalized with the shop logo on the front of the basket.

There are available two versions:  with coin lock integrated on the handle or without the coin lock, with a simple handle.

Choose the colour: Green Orange Red Blue Special - possiblity of ordering a desired color
Standard accessories: hook for bag shelf for bottles
Optional accessories: coin lock personalization
Type of wheels: 75 mm 100 mm 125 mm - travelator

Rabtrolley MINI Basic

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