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Wiadomości Handlowe, June 2015: The event that approaches the sector.

We are pleased to inform you that Rabugino Sp.zo.o. the owner of  Rabtrolley trademark, was the sponsor of awards in national Polish competition Market of the Year 2015.  The report on the Congress is available in the magazine Wiadomości Handlowe on pages (13-20) 

http://marketroku.com.pl/fotorelacja-2015/ .

Poradnik Handlowca, February 2015:  The functional and elegant trolley attracts customers


We are pleased to inform you that the professional magazine Poradnik Handlowca (Merchant’s Guide) on February 2015 published the article entitled “ The functional and elegant shopping trolley attracts customers” where you can read about Rabtrolley’s products. Enjoy your reading: 

Hurt & Detal, October 2013: Shopping trolley or basket? – that is the question!

Walk around the store with a shopping trolley or a basket? What kind of assortment should be chosen for a particular point of sale - what the experts think  about that and what the Polish buyers opt  for?

Please enjoy the reading of the article publish by the professional magazine Hurt&Detal (Wholesale&Retail) available on the website: http://www.hurtidetal.pl/article/art_id,10314-61/wozek-czy-koszyk-%E2%80%93-oto-jest-pytanie/place,1/

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